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Seattle Based Companion, Escort, Model



Are you the thrill seeking type? Couch sinking and snuggling type? How about just trying to get out of the normal type? I’d introduce myself, but you’ve already come this far, you should know my name. You can address me as Mx Morte, Mara if you’d like a softer side, or Miss will do just as fine.   


If you are looking for a red hot steamy time, look no further, close all tabs, keep your eyes peeled and keep reading. I am experienced in BDSM, fetish and any kink you could think of. Passing no judgment you’ll see why because I am not shy. Confident in every step I take and obsessed with the debauchery, the sins, and the deep dark secrets you keep hidden from everyday conversation. I’m a real life walking fantasy, stunning Valkyrie, with breathtaking eyes and a heart stopping ass. Let me take your breath away, and seize your mind from the monotonous. Encapsulating every moment of our time together in my gaze.... Time goes by too fast if we’re living life correctly, right?


Escape this reality and dance on the rainbow bridge if you dare. I’m not unlike driving a fast car with all the windows down, pitch black with the stereo blasting, not unlike jumping from an airplane going over the continental divide with the possibility of dropping into the ocean, or not unlike the stunning final view of a strenuous all day hike. Thriving with the respect of my body, my peers and my soul, i stand here with open arms and an open mind.

(And open legs, amiright??)


Adventurous yet disciplined, spontaneous yet driven... I am what you have been looking for. I create lasting memories that will stain the back of your dreams for the rest of your life. I am the one you close your eyes and think of when you’re alone at night,  because I was made to be your fantasy. I am here to make things easier, more relaxing while obtaining the most thrill you’ll ever meet in your life. 


Bow down, worship, fan my flame... you’ll never regret it and you’ll never forget me.

Until Your Eyes Meet Mine, 




1 Hour: 500

90 Minutes: 700

2 Hours: 900

 3 Hours: 1,200

6 Hours: 2,000

Overnight (9 Hours): 3,000

24 Hours: 5,000


Platonic/Social: 200/Hour

Couples: +200/Hour (Both require separate screening)

Though incall is my preferred option, outcall meetings will be considered upon booking form submission.

*Please note that screening and booking are required for all types of appointments. 
virtual gf.
double time



If you are unfamiliar with screening, it is for me to get to know you before we meet. Screening is for safety and is a one time process. Please follow the screening instructions to the best of your ability. Click the button below to read more about what to do and what you can provide!

You might think, "why should I send all this confidential information over the internet to a complete stranger?" Well, I would hope you'd understand this as a mutual trust. It is my job to sustain the upmost discretion, so if I cannot be trusted with confidential information, then I will assume you cannot be trusted with my safety. I use end-to-end encryption to ensure elite safety of transferring personal information. My screening is strict for our safety. If you fail to provide screening information or argue, I will deny any further communication. Every piece of communication is seen and handled professionally by me and me alone. Never saved or stored. All communication is private and confidential. This is a one time process.


 I can host in a relaxing and discreet spa like setting in both Renton and Seattle. I am independent and can meet you anywhere. If you are requesting an OUTCALL please provide info on location. I am able to travel pretty easily, just as long as you are understanding about the uncertainty of Seattle traffic. (Home Or 4/5 Star Hotel). If you are hosting at a hotel please inform me if I need any keys or access codes to any elevators. I am also available for FMTY. Ask for more information. 


Please keep in mind that I book up fast. Try to contact me for an appointment with as much advance notice as possible. As soon as you are completely prepared, screened and verified! Please allow at least 24 hours for your screening information to process. After we have met, you can ask for last minute appointments, but I cannot guarantee that I will be available. Booking ahead of time is the best way to ensure our time together. 


I understand that life happens. If you have something scheduled with me please respect my time as well. If you cancel within 48 hours of our agreed meeting time, you will be required to send a cancellation fee of 25% to my CASH APP. If you cancel within the 24 hours of our agreed meeting time you will be REQUIRED to send 50% cancellation fee. Failure to comply will show me that you do not respect my time or companionship and will deny any further communication.


For all sins, please arrive in your Sunday's best. If you cannot shower before our appointment, please allow sometime in your booking for one at my place. (Hey, maybe I'll join you.) Donations are expected to be in an unsealed white envelope upon arrival without a comment. 


Cash, Venmo or Cash App.




Signal. 206-590-1748

Twitter. @MaraMorte

Cash App. $MaraMorte

Snapchat. @Mara_Morte3

Tna. Mara_Morte

booking form.
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